NEWS as of Tuesday April 1, 2014

Yep. It's been a while. BUT! Things have been happening. In addition to mounting Psyche: A Modern Rock Opera, I've been working on a new performance piece about the writer Anais Nin and her explosive relationship with Henry Miller. I'm working with Janet Roston, and I'm actually performing in it. Me. Singing my own work. Imagine!

I'll have things to announce about both of those works SOON!



NEWS as of Wednesday March 13, 2013

We're going into production, folks.

For more info:

SOOOO exciting!


NEWS as of Friday September 21st, 2012

I've finished writing Psyche! One week ago I wrote the last note, the last word.




As soon as Psyche is written (!) I'll be diving back into mopping up production on my album Sun God's Consort. These tracks will be available for purchase in digital format, but I'm also toying with a limited vinyl release as well. I can SEE it...

Also, I'll be massaging tracks by my old genious bands 2.5D and The Card Game. These tracks will also be available for release, so STAY TUNED!!

Exciting Things

Well, I must say, things are going so well that there are days that I wonder when I'll wake up. I can't go into a lot of detail just yet, but Psyche as a property has taken some decidedly interesting turns of late.

Creatively, the work keeps on going, and I keep making progress at my new-ish office. I've written several more pieces of Act II, and am now at the point in the story where Psyche and Aphrodite directly confront one another. The end is in sight!!

I am told that I'm not allowed to call Psyche an opera any more. So, I will be referring to it as one of the following: a Rock Opera, a Sung-Through Libretto or a Staged Musical. None of those really describes it well, but opera apparently doesn't either, according to my secret sources. It doesn't really matter at this point. What matters is that I stay focused and finish.

I will be reporting the exciting behind-the-scenes information in the near future!





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